Personal Training

Our personal training sessions teach you how to perform the various exercise movements to maximize results.  We’ll help coach you along as we guide you through a workout designed to help you reach your goal.  The workouts are specifically designed for you based on any mobility issues, prior injuries, your workout schedule, your available equipment, and your specific goals to create a workout that’s designed for your specific needs.  Each personal training session is 1 hour.

$40 per Session + Gym Fees & Transportation Costs

Group training session discounts are available.


Online Coaching

Our online coaching sessions are a place where we can discuss any questions you may have about your current health and fitness goals.  In these sessions we can discuss a variety of issues you may be having and help you find solutions to your problems.  Whether you are struggling to drop or gain weight, can’t seem to break your personal record on deadlifts, want to be walked through a home workout session virtually, or you are just looking to get answers on some of your basic health and fitness related questions this is the venue for you. If you have also purchased another product like our Adaptive Meal Plan or one of our Workout Programs we can discuss your progress and coach you through any issues as well during these sessions. These sessions are 45 minutes long and are conducted virtually.

$30 per Session


Musculoskeletal Imbalance Assessment

Most of us have developed some form of faulty motor pattern in our daily movements. Musculoskeletal imbalances issues can include a muscle that you just don’t use as much as you should so it’s become weak and dormant, poor posture, favoring one side of the body over another, collapsed foot arches, or a number of other issues. During this assessment we have you perform a number of primal movement patterns and observe for deficiencies. Depending on the imbalance we then prescribe and demonstrate corrective stretches and exercises that will help you correct the faulty movement pattern and strengthen the necessary muscles to correct the imbalance. Observations can either be done in person or by the client submitting videos of he/she performing the requested exercises.


Adaptive Meal Plan

Our program starts with assessing your current situation and goals.  We meet to discuss your current lifestyle, any restrictions you may have, food allergies, preferences and other factors necessary to develop a program designed around you.  We discuss what your goals are and help you set realistic expectations on what you can expect. Next, we’ll have you track your diet with a mobile app to get an idea of what you are currently eating.  We then use that information to develop an 8 week meal plan that progressively builds over time.  This helps you build long-term sustainable habits that last instead of crash dieting that only provides temporary benefits.  During the 8 week period you continue to monitor and submit weekly updates on what you ate and we compare this against your prescribed meal plan and make any necessary adjustments.  We understand that sometimes you might have a special event that causes you to miss your meal plan for a day.  We’ll take this into account and build it into the rest of your week so that you stay on track for your goals.  The end product is a meal plan designed around your specific needs, tastes, limitations, and goals that adapts around how closely you follow it.  So whether you are an athlete prepping for an athletic event or you are just looking to establish better dietary habits this program can help get you closer to your goal.


Workout Programs

Our workout programs are designed around your schedule, your goals, how well you are recovering, what equipment you have available, and your mobility issues.  We design our workout programs to involve a variety of stimuli so your body continues to get shocked with each workout.  This prevents the body from adapting to a particular workout and helps to maximize the effectiveness of your time spent working out.  Additionally, this allows you to reuse the workout program and helps keep the workouts from becoming boring.

$100 for a custom 8 week program, $150 for two custom 6 week programs


SK Total Health Package

A 35% Savings

Our total coaching program offers a multi-step approach to help design a complete diet and workout program specific to your needs. Each of us have a unique body that may respond differently to a program that what worked well for a friend or family member. You deserve a custom program that’s designed around your body’s needs. Whether you are trying to drop weight for a wedding or vacation, tone up for summertime, or build athletic performance for a sport we can tailor a program that will help you reach your goals.
Our Total Coaching Program bundles 4 Great Products together for a discounted price.

• Musculoskeletal Imbalance Assessment ($100 value)
• Adaptive Meal Plan (8 Weeks) ($100 value)
• Workout Program (8 Week) ($100 value)
• 4 Personal Training Sessions OR 4 Online Coaching Sessions ($160-120 value)

A $460 Value for only $300